TCMO Day at Queen’s Park

December 4, 2023

A few weeks ago, your TCMO Team, some awesome TCMO members and engaging representatives from schools descended on Queen’s Park to host a reception for MPP’s and their staff as well as conduct a few meetings and spend some time in the Legislature.

Yes! It was very very successful, and YES!! this event will become an annual one, stay tuned for the 2024 date!

Katrina Dollano (Vice President, TCMO) and Heather Kenny (President, TCMO), accompanied by Ralph Palumbo and Mark Holmes (of KWM Consulting) began the day as guests of MPP Laurie Scott with passes to the Member’s Gallery where we listened to the opening questions of Question Period. T

he middle hours of the day were consumed with meetings with MPP’s and their staff. We enjoyed a very informative meeting with MPP Michael Tibollo, Minister of Mental Health & Addictions. Minister Tibollo has first-hand knowledge of eastern medicines and is supportive of our efforts at TCMO.

MPP France Gelinas was also very knowledgeable and supportive. In her role as Health Critic, Official Opposition, she remembered the deregulation challenges that our profession encountered and ultimately altered the direction of the Government.

Likewise, during our meeting with MPP John Fraser, the Interim Leader of the Liberal Party, he also recalled the deregulation issue and how our profession and our patients spoke out so loudly. NDP Leader, Leader of the Official Opposition, MPP Marit Stiles was also very informed about our profession, supportive and offered some connections within her party to move our ideas forward.

The reception in the evening was very well attended by all parties, many pictures were taken, and connections were made.

We continue to follow-up to ensure that our profession continues to remain relevant and top-of-mind to members of Government.