Doctor Class Consultation

June 10, 2024

CTCMPAO has shared an open consultation regarding Doctor class on May 17, and the deadline is coming up on June 17, 2024. Whether or not you plan on pursuing the title, your feedback is important because the Doctor class will significantly improve the acceptance of TCM as a modality in Ontario. 

However, upon review of the consultation process, there are noticeable amounts of barrier and bias in the survey, making it difficult for members to provide meaningful feedback. 

Here are some of the key points that you may also wish to share when you provide your feedback to the College:

Issues with the consultation process: 

  1. Survey is too long (64 questions), and there is no saving functionality. This discourages a lot of members from completing the survey.
  2. Documentation is too long (51 pages). Members are not able to find the time for detailed review of this document.
  3. Limited time for feedback (30 days). Allowing one month to solicit feedback is limiting given members need to find time to review the document AND to complete the survey.

With regards to the documentation and appendix

  1. Qualifying competencies seem to be detailed and reasonable.
  2. Appendix A: Path two – Note: specifies that after 4 years of the proclamation of = Doctor title (the title becoming available for registration), candidates will have to officially complete a TCM “degree” to qualify for the Doctor title. Currently, there is no TCM degree offered in Canada (everyone being trained in Canada is on the diploma system and it will likely be the case for many years to come). This would mean that future candidates that are trained in Canada will likely not qualify for this title, which is potentially detrimental to the profession. 
  3. Appendix A: Path one (existing R. TCMP to pursue the Dr. designation) – Prerequisite #2 may limit people that never received 2 years of undergraduate education or equivalent to receive the title – this may require further clarification from the college on what is “equivalent”. 
  4. Many instances mention “bridging program approved by CTCMPAO, and offered by a government-approved academic institution”, the mention of government-approved is unclear whether or not another layer of work is needed before members can find an approved bridging program. 

We strongly recommend for all of our members to take action because all of your voices count. How to take action?