Microneedling Info-Sharing Session

May 9, 2024

The TCMO is pleased to offer the opportunity for our members to have virtual and in person conversations on topics relevant to the profession. With this in mind, we are pleased to co-host a peer-shared information session to focus on investing in training and a device as well as how to address coverage with their insurance company.  Please note that Practitioners need to do their own due diligence when adding microneedling to their practice.

Peer-shared Information Session on Micro-needling

Host: Bahareh Hosseini, R.TCMP, R.Ac
Co-Hosted by: TCMO
Date: Sunday April 28

This session is an information session based on TCMO member Bahareh Hosseini‚Äôs experience incorporating microneedling into her practice over the past 2 years. Please note this is a peer exchange session rather than a “training” session. Suggestions for further training resources will be shared.


  • What is Microneedling used for
  • How can Microneedling potentially fit in an Acupuncture practice and scope: Pros and Cons
  • Acupuncturist Microneedling vs esthetician microneedling
  • Difference between US and Canada
  • Devices and consumables used in microneedling treatments
  • Combining microneedling and acupuncture in practice
  • Training resources for microneedling

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