Impact of Health Canada’s Regulations on TCM Granules and NHPs | TCMO Podcast¬†#003¬†with John Stan

July 6, 2023

On this episode of TCMO, host Zachary Lui is joined by guest John Stan, a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine with over 30 years of experience. They discuss the current challenges faced by the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) industry in Canada. Health Canada has been attempting to regulate TCM granules and other natural health products as finished products, which could result increased fees and special label requirements. This has created problems for manufacturers and practitioners, limiting access to natural ingredients and negatively impacting patient care. They urge practitioners and patients to stand up against these regulations and advocate for access to necessary products. The goal is to make Health Canada reconsider their approach and prevent Traditional Chinese medicine products and natural health products from being confined. The podcast also addresses the history of regulation for natural health products and the disagreement over the level of scrutiny needed. They highlight the potential impact on small businesses and the need for a middle-ground solution regarding licensing fees. Listeners are encouraged to get involved by providing feedback and letters to Health Canada and the health minister. The speaker emphasizes the importance of natural healthcare practitioners in maintaining stability and addressing healthcare challenges. They assert that the right to choose healthcare is a fundamental right and advocate for the preservation of natural and non-invasive methods. Join Zachary Lui and John Stan as they discuss the current state of TCM in Canada and the efforts to protect the industry.



00:01:50 Chinese medicine products face stricter regulations in Canada. Health Canada is implementing oversight to ensure quality control and efficacy. However, some practitioners argue that the regulations are excessive and unnecessary. The proposed fees for natural health products have caused further concern among the industry.
00:16:26 Compounding practitioners face restrictions and extra fees.
00:21:04 Daoism, the Art of War and individual flow vs collective.. Impact on practitioners, herbal shops, and businesses.
00:24:31 Engaging health food stores and customers. Take action against proposed fees. Contact health minister and local MP. Submit opinions to Health Canada. Online forms and sample letters available. Meet with MPs, provide information, leave a reference sheet. Modify letters or create your own.
00:33:30 Preserve right to choose natural healthcare methods.
00:35:38 Need small administrative fee to cover costs. Compounding practices may be limited. Patient access to affordable medicine impacted. Natural healthcare practitioners crucial amid crisis.

We are deeply grateful to John Stan and the Eastern Currents team for creating the letter templates. The TCMO reviewed and edited the letters with our government relations firm. Their support and collaboration have been invaluable.

To utilize the templates, please follow these instructions: Practitioner Letter to MP: Access the template at this link:

Remember to modify the template by replacing the MP’s name and riding with the appropriate information. Send the letter to both your MP’s local office and the House of Commons. No stamp is required. To find your MP’s constituency, use the following website:

Practitioner Letter to Health Minister: Access the template at this link: Update the contact information in the template with your own details. Mail the letter to the Health Minister at the House of Commons. Patient Letter to Health Minister: Access the template at this link:

Print out the letter at your clinic. Ask the patient to fill in their name and address at the bottom of the letter. Then, mail the letter to the Health Minister. No stamp is required. The patient’s address should be used as the return address.

For mailing purposes, use the following address for the Health Minister:

Honorable Jean-Yves Duclos House of Commons

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

K1A 0A6

Please ensure that you do not overwrite or modify the templates. Simply copy and paste the content.

IG canva link:

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